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The 90s Cool Girls You Loved And Still Want To Be Featured

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  • Date: Sunday, 27 November 2016

The 90s nostalgia has been real for several years, and it makes perfect sense why Millennials are looking to the past for inspiration. With publications like Sassy and Jane, festivals like Woodstock and X-Fest, and designers like Betsy Johnson and Anna Sui, it was the coolest time to be alive. We've seen the revival of baby doll dresses, velvet chokers, grunge fashions, and even classic TV shows like Full House, The X-Files, and Gilmore Girls--but now it's much easier to binge watch. The 90s style revival isn't going away anytime soon, and when you look at the amazing group of women who defined the time era, its easy to understand why.

Whether you were a riot grrl, a goth princess, a flower child, or an urban icon, the 90s had a pantheon of goddesses to inspire your style, many of whom are still total babes today. Keep your Instagram stars, and celebrity children turned model, and YouTube vloggers--they wouldn't be where they are without the flawless shoulders of the impossibly cool women of the 90s. So let's reflect on some of our favorite vintage heroines, and what they taught us about kicking ass.

Drew Barrymore

No matter if you were a good girl at heart or a bad girl in the making, Drew Barrymore paved the way. She dated the hottest guys, like Corey Feldman, Luke Wilson, David Arquette, and Edward Norton, and was rumored to have hooked up with a few of the most badass women, like Heather Graham and Jane Pratt. Her style has always been utterly unique, adorable, and aspirational, from her daisy-studded golden bob, to her wild crimped side part, to her Scream queen pageboy. In addition to being a style icon, Drew's career has taken so many different paths. From actor to producer to writer to beauty brand founder, she has always experimented with her personal brand, making her an inspirational figure even today.

Naomi Campbell

After taking the fashion world by storm at the age of 15, Naomi Campbell was declared one of the first supermodels of her time and paved the way for women of color in the fashion industry. She walked the runway for superstar designers Gianni Versace, Azzedine Alaïa, and Isaac Mizrahi, quickly rocketing into the stratosphere of the sartorial elite. In September of 1991, she was the first Black model to appear on the cover of Time Magazine. But her career wasn't all beautiful faces. The model was well-known for her dark side, refusing any nonsense about her career and standing up to anyone who got in her way. While we may not idolize her bitchier tendencies, we respect her prowess, self-advocacy, and decades long career.

Kathleen Hannah

She kicked the 90s in the teeth with her raucous political riot grrrl bands, Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, and still tours with her solo project, The Julie Ruin. From her activism work for AIDS patients, to her staunch feminist principles, to her outspoken fight for women's safety, Kathleen Hannah is a true role model. She defined her own terms, her own style, and was resolute in her ideals, all while dealing with serious health issues, tragic personal loss, and upheaval. Kathleen was one of the founding members of third-wave feminism, encouraging women to become active in music, zine writing, and formerly male-dominated spaces. She has advocated for Planned Parenthood, acted as a mentor to Millennial it-girl Tavi Gevinson, and inspired countless artists to purse their dreams. All hail the great Kathleen Hannah.

Lisa Bonet

We fell in love with her impeccable fashion sense on The Cosby Show, related to her life as a confused slacker on A Different World, admired her raw sexuality in Angel Heart, and have kept our eyes closely locked on the radiant Lisa Bonet ever since. Her stunning natural beauty, bohemian vibe, and creative spark were undeniable, and she broke ground in Hollywood, where women of color were (and continue to be) pigeon-holed into stereotypical roles. Lisa Bonet married rock god Lenny Kravitz and they gifted the world with their daughter, Zoe Kravtiz (who is equally hypnotic on the silver screen.) In 2005, she married mortal god Jason Momoa, who she had two children with. Lisa has always been one of the coolest of the cool girls, and she continues to inspire with her balance between creative pursuits and motherhood.

Chloë Sevigny

Indie film darling and whip-smart writer, Chloë Sevigny defined what it meant to be one of the weird girls. Her style and presence cemented her place in New York's early 90s underground scene, and she went on to appear in alternative music videos with bands like Sonic Youth and The Lemonheads. She continued making powerful waves in the art scene and in Hollywood with her roles in Kids, Gummo, The Last Days of Disco, and Boys Don't Cry. Between her expressive, natural charisma and laser focus on emotional delivery, she captivated audiences and has had us in her thrall ever since.

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