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Pokémon Go launches Valentine's event hoping to lure loving players

Remember Pokémon Go[1]? It’s still around, and now the smartphone game is celebrating Valentine’s Day with its latest in-game event.

Getting into the theme of love, perhaps the most exciting thing for Pokémon Goers is a huge increase in the duration of lures: the Pokémon-attracting devices will now last a whole six hours, 12 times longer than their standard 30-minute duration.

That means that players should see a load more lures around and about. Maybe they can even find love with another player, each of them standing in the cold outside a local museum waiting for virtual monsters to enslave, looking up from their smartphones and locking eyes, one shyly smiling and summoning up the courage to ask which team the other is a member of, hoping against hope the answer won’t be “Team Valor”. Maybe.

If staying forever alone is more your style, the event’s changing up a few other things too: pink Pokémon will now be more common, meaning Chansey, Clefable, Porygon and others will show up more often, and Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum will hatch from eggs more often.

There’s also a veritable candy avalanche approaching, with players getting double candy for doing pretty much anything in the game.

The event starts at 7pm on Wednesday, and runs until 7pm on 15 February, handily killing a third of the remaining time until the release of Nintendo’s Switch console, when better mobile games will become available.


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