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Knowing Your Worth Featured

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  • Author:
  • Press: Miami Business Magazine
  • Date: Wednesday, 02 May 2018

The key to any debate or argument is knowing where you stand. In the same way, the key to negotiating a contract, a salary, a project, or that new promotion is knowing your worth. Understanding where you stand as a person is what elevates you.


Knowing your worth doesn’t require you to be full of yourself or to walk around like you own the place. It means being sure of what you know and confident in what you have accomplished. It’s important to look back and examine what you have learned, where you have been, and how far you have come.


Establishing a foundation of where you started and seeing a progression of they journey you have been on enables you to see the trajectory for the future. It helps ensure understanding of an established value in words, actions, or knowledge. It’s crucial to be moving forward and working on getting to new heights, but it’s just as crucial to take a moment to acknowledge the heights you have made it to.


This understanding of the past is a good way of helping establish yourself as an equal in the right environments. Knowing that you have accomplished a variety of goals in a field shows your worth to the future of this field. At times, simply the journey of working to attain those goals (even if they weren’t attained) is enough to establish your worth in a certain field or among peers. Acknowledging your past journey is what builds the foundation for the future journey.


Understanding where you have succeeded ensures that you are able to clearly relate to others why you will succeed in the future. This confidence in your future success is the key to your negotiations and to helping obtain the most value from your work and achieving the recognition that you deserve. So go ahead and reflect on what you have achieved. Take a look back and with that strive for the future!


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