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First Dates, True Love Featured

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  • Author: Misty Fawber
  • Press: Miami Business Magazine
  • Date: Monday, 27 February 2017

Spring is on the way and love is in the air, and no other month is as focused on the celebration of romance quite like February. While many content couples celebrated anniversaries and the ease of commitment, other brave souls took the plunge into the dating waters. Studies show that more American sign up for dating sites between January and February more than any other time of year, showing that as challenging as forging new relationships can be, people still want to find love.

In fact, we polled our single friends to find out how their fared with their Valentine's Day dates and the results were charming--and much, much sweeter than we expected. So while it may be easy to become cynical about the so-called Hallmark Holiday, remember that true love, or at least great first dates, are still out there.

"I'd been talking to Max for a couple of weeks and we agreed to go out the weekend after Valentine's Day. To be honest, I wasn't feeling very optimistic because I'd been on a string of terrible dates, but he was cute, and I liked his sense of humor. We decided to meet for coffee, but as it turned out, the place we chose was closed. As was every other business on the block due to flooding. We literally had nowhere to go, and it started pouring. We ended up in the library of all places, and ended up getting hot chocolate from a vending machine. We spent the afternoon sharing our favorite books with each other and were surprised when the library announced they were closing. From there, we got dinner and kept talking. It was definitely the best first date I've ever been on, and I'm happy to say we're still seeing each other." Lucas, 34, costume designer

"Sierra and I had been trying to schedule a date for three weeks, but life kept happening. After she cancelled our previous date due to work issues, I figured I was being blown off. I didn't think I'd hear from her again, and then one afternoon I got a message from her, asking me if I'd like an extra ticket she had to a play. She'd won them that day from her work, and neither of us knew anything about the show. As we discovered, it was a very...adult...burlesque show. Luckily, Sierra was hilarious and good natured about it, cracking jokes and putting me at ease the entire time. It was plenty awkward for both of us, but at the end of the date I knew I wanted to spend more time with her. We grabbed dessert and laughed our butts off about how bizarre the show was, and made plans for the next day. And the following. And this weekend." David, 38, vet tech

"I have to say, I knew my date with Emma was going to be great as soon as we started chatting. Even over text she was so, so smart, spoke passionately about her career, and seemed to be genuinely kind. We decided to meet for a casual drink after work, not wanting to get stuck in a possibly bad date for a whole night, but we knew right away we wanted to keep it going. We went for dinner, and then she asked me if I'd like to go back to her office of all places for dessert. As it turned out, her non-profit shared space with a cupcake bar, and they always left behind tons of treats. We took advantage of the view of downtown from her office and shared some delicious treats. It was a perfect date." Rachelle, 31, editor

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