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8 Helpful Life Hacks For Packing A Carry-On Featured

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  • Author: Kayla Michelle
  • Press: Miami Business Magazine
  • Date: Thursday, 25 May 2017

Checking your carry-on can be a daunting, time-consuming, and expensive task. So much so that it has been called out as a gimmick. Usually, to get your personal belongings to the same location that you're heading, you must wait in exhausting lines, pay extra fees, and pray that your belongings will make it safely to your destination. You never know how the travel gods might be feeling that day to help you out. This is leading others to jump on the new trend of only taking a carry on. It doesn't matter if you're a CEO, backpacker, or an adventurous jet-setter. If you keep these handy tips by your side, you'll have everything you need to make your packing painless and effortless.






1. Making a list (Your game plan.)
It's important that when it comes to your game plan, that you stick to it. You should include what you're wearing every day on your list, so you can have one less item on the "What's in your bag list."
You can put 3 shirts. (You can combine short sleeve and long sleeve shirts depending on what the weather forecast is.)
⦁ One pair of jeans and/or one pair of shorts
⦁ Swim shorts
⦁ 3 pairs of socks
⦁ One pair of shoes
⦁ One pair of flip flops/Sandals
⦁ A few pair of boxers/briefs

2. Universal shoes
Being versatile on a trip is a virtue. Being Clark Kent and transforming from business to leisure is a true super hero trick. You never know if you're going to have nice dinner or go and hit the trail for an afternoon hike. Here are a few shoes we suggest if you want to play.
⦁ Aldan
⦁ Scarpas
⦁ Merrells
⦁ Camper
⦁ Rockport

3. Do your WWR'S (Wear, wash, repeat)
Overloading your suitcase with more than a couple pairs of pants and any more than 4 shirts for a trip can be detrimental to keeping up with the carry on life. It's a must that you recycle the items of clothing you have brought. So wearing, washing, and repeating is a key factor in this process. Being able to obtain this goal you can utilize hotel laundry services, local laundromats, or even hand wash in your hotel room or wherever you may be staying. Make sure the clothing that you bring is fast drying, that can be very useful. Being able to keep to this regimen saves time and money.

4. It's way better to pack light then to overpack.
For the most part, packing light should never be a problem on a trip. You can always access clothing items locally if needed. If you do need something that you forgot to pack, buying something at your location is a great way to look like you fit in with the locals and you also get a souvenir from your trip. It's a win, win, situation.

5. Digital Access is a must.
These days keeping easy digital access is a vital necessity for the common traveler. It's crucial to have the ability to be available whenever and wherever. Keeping everything on a cloud means that you can live off a tablet or your phone instead of weighing yourself down with large laptops. It's truly freeing to not be so tied down.

6. Play By the Rules.
Trying to get around rules and regulations? When it comes to traveling can be time-consuming and difficult. It's better to follow the system in place to you don't run late for transfer flights, trains, taxis and whatever other travel plans you have in place. Being consistent with following the weight regulations and rules are key.

7. Utilize your personal and carry-on items.
Almost every airline allows you to keep one carry-on piece of luggage with you and at least one personal item. Being able to keep two bags with you helps maximize your personal item use. Some carry on items that can help depending on what your travel plans are:
Rolling suitcase
Duffel Bags
You can usually fit in your electronic, work supplies (if traveling for business), toiletries, and miscellaneous items. Packing your chargers, adapters, and casual clothes in your carry on is a must for a relaxing, easy traveling.

8. Investing in packing cubes.
Packing cubes are a must have hot item for living out of your suitcase. For those who struggle to keep things organized packing cubes can make all of the difference to being able to live out of your suitcase. You're able to throw all of your belonging in a cube, shove them into a bag, and hit the road in a matter of minutes. Amazon.com tends to have the best reasonable priced packing cubes.

Now you can utilize these 8 life hacks to pack your carry-on for your next adventure or business trip. You can apply these tricks next time and find out for yourself if these truly make your travel adventures a little smoother. Save travels!

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